6 Years Ago Today

Today is a landmark date. July 25th does not go by without me reflecting upon my last day of treatment.  It is such a distant memory now.  Six years ago.....  Life is great.  I'm healthy, happy, and little to no side effects.  Had my last scan last year and I don't plan to go in this year for anything follow up related (even though I did look forward to those warm hugs and assurance everything looks perfect down there).  :-)  I have much I could say about anal cancer and what I've been through, but for now, I'd just like to offer up hope to each and everyone that you can do this.  You can make it.  Keep fighting.  Be strong and be happy!  This little blip in the road of life will add so much to your story as it has to mine. I'm always so grateful for BFAC and all it's supporters.  Cheers to 6 years after!

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Thanks for this wonderful post!
Congrats to you! At my one year mark post treatment, I'm looking forward to the same success!!
Love this post!!! Congrats to you and thanks for taking the time to bring hope to others! 😘
Wonderful to hear your good news - congrats! I hope life continues to treat you well from here on out - enjoy!
Fantastic, Cathy! I am so happy for you! What an inspiration you are. May you continue to be happy and healthy! Hugs!
This is great!
So good to hear your good news!
Congratulations for reaching this milestone! I'm glad you let us know and agree BFAC has been a huge support system for many.
awesome post.
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. ♥️♥️♥️
Congratulations. What a milestone. When we are going through it one year seems a lifetime away. Where have the last six years gone. So pleased all is well with you. It is a journey that non of us wanted but what a good example you are Hugs Annabelle xx
Yeah, Congrats!! Love it.
Congrats on your continued health! Any long-term survivor advice for us relative newbies? Any diet or lifestyle choices you’ve made you feel have helped keep you well?
Happy birthday week!
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It helps to have lots of love, support, and prayers.

June 11, 2012

None really, but about 3 months before colonoscopy had some swelling and bleeding down there. Thought it might be hemorrhoids. If it happened a second time I was going to check it.

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