Can You See My "Divot"?

Well, can you?  It's the spot where my port used to be installed.  It is somewhat sensitive still and I don't like when people touch it (like when I get a facial or massage or when someone squeezes or presses me there). 






Laurie sent you a hug.
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When I had my reconstruction surgery the surgeon did a little fat transplant there. It didn't take. So wear it as a badge of honor, you made it.
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I don't have a divot, but there's definitely a scar there. I'm not sure most people notice it, but I do. It itches once in awhile, but that's about it. I'm pretty proud of that scar actually--a badge of honor from a war that I won!
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Mine looks just like that, but the line is reddish, and the divot is sensitive. It hurt the whole time it was in. It's getting better with time.
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I never would have noticed it was even there! I wish mine looked that good!
IT will heal...mine is almost completely invisible three years after coming out. Calendula salve and fish oil (from inside a capsule!) helped...
I don't have a divot either, but I think they extended the original cut when they took it out. Someone told me I could have a dermatologist improve it but it's my badge of honor, like others have mentioned.
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I like mine too! I find it funny no one has ever mentioned it when they see it. I think they are being polite. I'm pretty sure 90% of people don't know what the scar is for.
Looks just like mine! The Divot Club.
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I'm glad to be in that club.
I posted it since you were going to do so too after reading Sara's "Port Question" post on Oct. 19th. :-)
I wouldn't worry about it unless it bothers your appearance. I never got a port, but did have a biopsy where the doc took out a node-scar is about an inch and another scar where I had squamous cell removed from my face. I also have a big gap between my front teeth I've had for years and dentist always wanted to fix....
Battle scars that have built character. I consider it a part of me. This phase of my life taught me so much. scar on my neck was sensitive for about a year or so
I have a scar, but no divot. My massage therapist has been working the area, and my scar is no longer a thick, hard line. It is softer, smoother, and no longer sensitive to touch, even when she goes deep.
Wow! Good to know. I don't like it touched. It feels weird.
Truly a badge of honor, sorry it hurts you. This post made me look for any artifacts from my PICC line. Nothing there. But I have a boatload of pictures so never will I forget. I love your necklace and your glasses. You look very healthy. 😊😊😊😊😊
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Happy birthday to you ☆♡!
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Thanks! I'm getting old. Thank goodness!!
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Yes, getting old is a good thing!
You look really great and a lot younger than your age. With those beautiful green eyes no one will notice your divot. I wish I could have mine removed.
Happy birthday!
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