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6 Years Ago Today

Today is a landmark date. July 25th does not go by without me reflecting upon my last day of treatment.  It is such a distant memory now.  Six years ago.....  Life is great.  I'm healthy, happy, and little to no side effects.  Had my last scan last year and I don't plan to go in this year for anything follow up related (even though I did look forward to those warm hugs and assurance everything looks perfect down there).  :-)  I have much I could say about anal cancer and what I've been through, but for now, I'd just like to offer up hope to each and everyone that you can do this.  You can make it.  Keep fighting.  Be strong and be happy!  This little blip in the road of life will add so much to your story as it has to mine. I'm always so grateful for BFAC and all it's supporters.  Cheers to 6 years after!

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Thanks for this wonderful post!
Congrats to you! At my one year mark post treatment, I'm looking forward to the same success!!
Love this post!!! Congrats to you and thanks for taking the time to bring hope to others! 😘
Wonderful to hear your good news - congrats! I hope life continues to treat you well from here on out - enjoy!
Fantastic, Cathy! I am so happy for you! What an inspiration you are. May you continue to be happy and healthy! Hugs!
This is great!
So good to hear your good news!
Congratulations for reaching this milestone! I'm glad you let us know and agree BFAC has been a huge support system for many.
awesome post.
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. ♥️♥️♥️
Congratulations. What a milestone. When we are going through it one year seems a lifetime away. Where have the last six years gone. So pleased all is well with you. It is a journey that non of us wanted but what a good example you are Hugs Annabelle xx
Yeah, Congrats!! Love it.
Congrats on your continued health! Any long-term survivor advice for us relative newbies? Any diet or lifestyle choices you’ve made you feel have helped keep you well?
Happy birthday week!
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Almost 6 Yrs Post Treatment Post

It has almost been 6 years post treatment for me.  Time flies.....  Since my diagnosis in May 2012 so much has happened.  I've overcome a lot of fears, moved from UT to WA, have 2 grandkids that I love and adore, sold our home in WA and moved to a new one last year with cherry trees, and most importantly, I've been super healthy and feeling strong. 

There are little reminders along the way of battling cancer.  But overall, I just sneak those thoughts out of my head.  It so weird though the niggling thoughts and feelings I have about going through this critical event in my life;  Most of these, I just keep inside my head and whisk them away.  One of those thought I have is each year, heading up Doomsday Hill at Bloomsday in Spokane, I just love seeing the vulture.  It reminds me of the old me, bc (before cancer) and the new me ac (after cancer), kicking that thing in the ass! 

Going through cancer, and treatment, was an event that changed me, and changed my thoughts about living, people, jobs, family, friendships, diet, exercise, time, and generally evaluating what is important in life. 

Seeing my divot now, and my "tattoos" are a daily reminder of getting to live out so many more wonderful years and the hope of the future.  Never take a single day for granted.  Soak up the sun and keep on fighting!



What's the most important thing about this photo?  :-)

Jane, Maggie sent you a hug.
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Congratulations on continued good health and happiness! You look beautiful! And I’m so glad you shared this as it’s posts like these that are incredibly uplifting for all of us. 🙌🏼💗
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The most important thing about this photo is that you are in it!
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Aw thanks. 😊
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The most important thing is that you are in the photo and smiling! So happy to hear all of your good news and glad to see that you are enjoying life. We definitely have a new appreciation for every day after what we have been through, and your post is a reminder to me to continue trying to live each day to its fullest - thank you!
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Thank you for your reply and support. Each day matters and the support and love we share with each other has made a huge difference.
That you are in it and happy!
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Great photo Cathy! Thank you for sharing and giving all of us hope for the future. I am 14 months post treatment and enjoying every day.
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I’m so glad!!!
Your smile, natch, and the empty spot where your port-a-cath was! So good to see you having A GREAT TIME!!! THanks for posting!
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That’s exactly it. LOL. But I have really enjoyed the comments saying it was “me”. 😊 Thankd for ALL your support, education, and commitment to BFAC and anal cancer warriors.
The only way to pay back the support I got is to give it! HUGS
How wonderful to hear from you, Cathy! I am so glad you are doing well and enjoying life! You live in a great part of the country--lots to do and see, and it sounds like you're doing it all. As for your pic, 1) you are smiling, 2) you look great!, 3) you look healthy! Look at those muscles! Take care. Love and hugs!
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Hey Smurfy Girl! Thanks for the kind words. My most recent passion has been yoga since December. All those Sun Salutations are rally helping my arms. ☀️♥️💪🏻🌈🧘🏻‍♀️
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i loved reading this so much! congrats to you.
So great to hear how happy you are😀
Beautiful, healthy you! Thanks for sharing the reminder of living each day.
thanks for sharing its good to hear survivor stories as many struggle to get through this. I am sad to see that you moved from my home state UT. I'M sure WA is a nice place. Probably different moving from one of the driest states to a rainy one.
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