Yoga for Life

Yoga for Life

I just finished 30 days in a row of hot yoga. Then I attended a 2 day, 8 hour, Hatha workshop over the weekend (3/2 & 3/3/19). I have really gotten into yoga starting in 2018 and went to 215 days of classes out of 365 days. I have found that the benefits of yoga, and specifically hot yoga, have very much benefited the flexibility in my hips, aches and pains, and mentally the meditation has been so helpful. I highly recommend a yoga practice. I feel so much better. I will be 7 years post treatment in July 2019 (Anal, stage 3a). Namaste!!

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Me, trying triangle post (Trkanasana).
I love this! I’ve always wanted to try yoga and I finally started a video series at home...I do intend on going into classes but I wanted to get myself acclimated a bit first. I used to be a dancer in my youth but my flexibility has drastically diminished since radiation. You’ve inspired me to go forward! As another 3A survivor (2 years) this gives me lots of hope too. Namaste 🙏🏼 💗
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Far out! I am so not flexible at all. I'm strong though. I am new to the yoga journey but I am totally enjoying it and it was exactly what I was missing in my life for both the body and the mind. After radiation and all these years past I was still sore in my hips a lot. I could say it's due to age (I'm 56) but either way, age or treatment, yoga has sure helped!!! Home yoga is probably great too, any yoga. I need instruction so I go. But it is spendy $$$. I say any yoga at all is better than no yoga. :-)
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Being strong is awesome...I’m really thankful you posted! My hips definitely bother me now too, I’ve lost muscle / strength / flexibility... so now I really want to try hot yoga too! Thanks again! 🧘🏻‍♀️
I used to love hot yoga, and in the past year I’ve just let it slip - this reminds me I need to start going again - thank you!
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I really wish I could. I want to and really enjoy the chair yoga, and I totally understand the benefits, but I need assistance with every part.

But, even though I'm nearly 70. I haven't given up; no point in that.

Thank you for you inspiration.
You are an inspiration! I say just keep on moving and practicing. And of course there is no giving up. Age is a challenge in itself, but movement battles age. Keep on doing what you can.
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How awesome!
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I went to yoga after I finished treatment as I found I was very stiff when i got out of bed in the morning & my ankles were very painful until I started moving about. I use to go to two lessons a week but am now down to one as my teacher moved venues. It has been absolutely marvelous. No pain at all now. I would highly recommend it.Also the relaxation part has taught me how to switch off when I then had treatment for breast cancer. I am coming up for eight years post treatment in May for stage 3 AC & three years for my breast cancer xx
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I’ve recently got back in to yoga and agree it’s the best thing physically and mentally. If you can’t get to classes I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, just a little makes a huge difference xx
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